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 Welcome to Strada Swing, where swing music meets a French twist! Based in sunny Los Angeles California, Strada Swing’s music will take you on a musical journey to the romantic city of Paris, with cheerful vocal melodies infused with a captivating rhythm of French gypsy jazz.


Inspired by the vibrant and energetic style of gypsy jazz, popularized by French guitarist Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France in the 1930s, Strada Swing combines vocal jazz with acoustic instruments accordion, guitar, and double bass combined with vocals to create an elegant, cheerful, and lively sound. Their performances take listeners on a musical journey through jazz standards from the 1930s-60s Great American Songbook, as well as popular and lesser-known songs in French by composers like Cole Porter, Charles Trenet, and Michel Legrand.

Strada Swing began their musical journey in 2016 at the Strada Cafe in Berkeley, California, where they dreamed of starting a band that captured all the aspects of jazz that they loved: the lively and energetic rhythms of 1930s gypsy jazz Parisian cafes, the melodic and emotive qualities of vocal jazz, the freedom and creativity of improvisation, and the intricate and nuanced sound of piano trios. With these inspirations in mind, they created Strada Swing and have become a beloved fixture in the local LA jazz scene and have played for weddings, swing dances, restaurants, and events of all kind.

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